June 15, 2021

Breaking the Epigraph

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Book review | My thoughts—Office Fling

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This story was confusing. Ashton Deveaux and Emily Dyer were employed by either a law firm or pr firm as lawyers. But it could not have been a PR firm since Emily had asked if their clients had hired one. The storyline lacked continuity and structure. The characters weren’t relatable. There wasn’t a clear timeline in this story for me to grasp the concept of Ashton and Emily’s relationship beyond what started in the broom closet to Emily’s nine-year-old daughter to out to Ashton about her obsession with him. Not to mention Jade stating that she is tired of being pulled between the two of them.

This book by Simone Rivers was convoluted and did not make any sense to me as a reader.  Jade’s chapter was not relevant to the story; It didn’t fit.

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