June 16, 2021

Breaking the Epigraph

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Book review | My thoughts—More Than Friends

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Kit Iseman and Amarie Parker have been best friends forever. But Amarie has been in love with Kit since they were fourteen. She never told him, and when she finally got up, the nerve to let him know. Piper Blanchard happened. So Amarie continued to be his best friend, forever seeing him through the heartache of Piper. Now at twenty-nine, Amarie still hasn’t told Kit how she feels; however, that will change when Piper comes back into the picture. Piper has come back for Kit, or so she says. It looks like she will do everything in her power to get him back. Kit has started to notice his best friend has not just his best friend.

This story by Linda Verji could have been better. Amarie waited fourteen years to tell Kit how she felt about him. She only did that because of Piper. I understand not wanting to make their friendship awkward, but they had been friends forever. So I think she should have said something. He could have as well since he had thought about the same thing over the years. Then maybe when crazy showed up, he could have gotten rid of her much sooner.

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