April 15, 2021

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Book review | My thoughts—Victor ❧ Her Ruthless Owner

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Theodora Taylor

Book two of the Ruthless Triad series picks up where we left off with Victor letting Dawn know that he will own her for the next ten years. However, the ownership will be through marriage. Dawn should have never gotten comfortable with having a job, and the guard Victor sent to watch her. She should have kept a check on the dates. Now he has stripped her once again of everything; she should have learned the first time when he sent the email. Now he has finally broken her. No more cooking healthy meals, speaking to her family and Lena or working out in the gym. This does push her back to something else she loves. She must be careful of this as well. Somewhere things take a turn, and they come to a truce of sorts, and when Dawn believes she is in the clear and will have something to look forward to when her sentence with Victor is over. Asher has to ruin everything. He was a total pill.

When I tell you, Dawn’s father doesn’t have to lift a finger this time. Victor accomplishes what he set out to do, but this time, it’s Darrell 2 – Victor 0. The only part of this story I did not like was Dawn’s presentation; other than the I enjoyed reading this story and can only anticipate the conclusion of their story in Victor: Her Ruthless Husband. Cause Victor has more to worry about than Dawn and her dad. He has made a new enemy with Kuang.

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