June 16, 2021

Breaking the Epigraph

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Book review | My thoughts—The Taming of LaRue

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Book one of the Predators MC by L. Loren the story of LaRue “Church Mouse” Simmons and Tyler “Ace” Rousch. LaRue needs to escape the hell that had been her life for the past three months. Watching her father die by burning and then been violated by the murderer over and over again. Had LaRue planning the day, she could escape. Finally, that day came, and when she saw the colors and patches of the Predators MC. She knew she was saved. But to run into the man who had taken her father’s place was a bit of a blow to her. There will be revelations, fights, jealousy, and the skinning of a Bear.

This could have been a good story; however, the character of LaRue was a bratty harpy. She handed Rose the Sweet Lips that gave her a** twice, but not Obsession, her so-called best friend who knew where she was the whole time. Obsession’s lame excuse of why she didn’t intervene did not go over well with me, and a can of whoop a** would have been served to Obsession. I understand that rape victims handle the aftermath differently.

For LaRue, to basically be salivating over and have sex with Ace all in a matter of days is not one of them. Also, if LaRue was burned to the degree that I am thinking should not have healed as fast, especially without being medically treated and being raped on the floor of a cabin. If LaRue knew the protocols of the MC, why was she always butting head with Ace? I don’t believe she would have done the same with Blaze her adoptive father.


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