June 15, 2021

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Book review | My thoughts—The Prince’s Bride ❧ Part 1

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J.J. McAvoy’s royalty romance between an American heiress and a prince. What happened when his family had convened together had not been what Galahad had expected. He needed to marry, marry for money, and quickly to save the monarchy. Odette is also learning she has to marry to obtain her inheritance from her father or forfeit it. The war of her mother and step-mother Yvonne will uncover the mask of the one ally she thought she had. Gale will arrive in America to woo his unsuspecting bride and be met with resistance on the part of the said bride when she discovers the reason he is there. This romance will evolve quickly.

This story is a slow burn, but the relationship between Odette and Gale will be spontaneous, hot, and cold. This story is also filled with a betrayal that the character Odette never saw coming. I have questions. Yvonne, the stepmother, seems to not only erase Wilhelmina’s existence. She also wanted to erase Odetta’s too. Although we don’t know what other plans she had up her sleeve regarding Odette’s stock, it seemed strange to bring it up and leave it there. Why let her mask slip now that the husband was gone? Whatever Yvonne assumed that Wilhelmina did to her, she wasn’t alone, and understandably she should have realized what goes around comes around.

I enjoyed part one of this story, and that my favorite in this book is Wolfgang. Although he is a more supporting character, the most animated and enthusiastic character in this story is by far.

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