April 16, 2021

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Book review | My thoughts—The Grunt 2

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Latrivia Nelson

Book six of The Lonely Hearts series by Latrivia Welch is the conclusion of Brett and Courtney’s story. The newly married couple will deal with deployment and the threat of possibly losing their son Cameron. Leo Tabor, Cameron’s biological father, will bring a paternity suit and fight for custody. He has a hidden agenda and will enlist the help of Amy’s parents. This story has a six-degree of separation element when Brett and Courtney learn that the man Amy was flying to meet is the son of their lawyer. By the end of this story, Amy’s, Leo’s, and Sharon’s secrets are out.

In my opinion, this story could have been one book. It wasn’t very please how this story was presented. The second book was busy, and while it had a mixture of elements about what was going on with Brett and Courtney. It touched on the life of David Lawless/Kelly, Gavin/Daisy, and Mr. Benson/his girlfriend. This story, in my opinion, made them major characters instead of supporting characters. The ending scene between Mr. Benson and James Gavin also made it seem like a story involving these characters. Courtney’s character became Amy without the cheating. She knew who Brett was when she became involved and then married him. Brett’s dream was to be a Marine for life.

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