April 15, 2021

Breaking the Epigraph

Books are my passion

Book review | My thoughts—The Deviant

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Tiana Laveen

King Chrysalis and Suri Scott are a couple made in artistic heaven. The love they find with each other without looking will help them heal. King is a savant artist known as the Deviant Artist in the art world. He has very little trust in people. One night he meets a woman who he’d like to take home. Things are good in the beginning but go south really quickly due to a misunderstanding and conclusion jumping. When the misunderstanding is cleared, they will burn up the sheets and not stay away from each other.

Who says love doesn’t find you when you least expected it, then you haven’t read King and Suri’s story. I enjoyed reading this story; however, the character of Shane annoyed me. He acted like he was either high or did not take his meds. Also, why would his mother keep something like that around for someone to find it.

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