May 13, 2021

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Book review | My thoughts—The A**hole Club ❧ Tak

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Ivy Harper

I enjoyed reading book three of The A**hole Club by Ivy Harper; however, I struggled with writing this review. I was disappointed; the story was not what I expected. There wasn’t a balance of storyline between the main characters. It felt like the meat of the story was about Jazz rather than Tak. Also, the author did not delve into Tak’s life. I could not connect the dots of why he was still suicidal fourteen years later and what made him that way. Especially given his relationships with Skittles, Deacon, and the rest of the group. It begs to question that they would have helped or gotten him help. Even though their motto of sorts is A**holes for life, why did Tak feel he could not go to those he called his brothers and sister to get the help he needed. So many questions. 

I plan to stick with this series as I enjoy the characters and want to see what’s next.

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