May 13, 2021

Breaking the Epigraph

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Book review | My thoughts—Stuck On You

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Kendra Mei Chailyn

While I did enjoy reading this story by Kendra Mei Chailyn, it could have been better. The character Hunter is a bit weak for my type of hero. Don’t get me wrong; he stood up for Ella when it came down to it. Hunter Dane retired from hockey while at the height of his career. Ella Carver is facing life as a single mother of a rebellious teen. Ella and Shane move to Coven, and things start to get a little better with Shane. He learns some hard truths, things his mother tried to protect him from. Hunter is drawn to Ella and finds her attractive but doesn’t want to put himself out there. They do hit a couple of snags, one of which they both find out their exes are married to each other. Talk about six degrees of separation.

A minor inconsistency in the story where the ex-husband’s last name changed from Coleman to Sotherby. 


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