May 13, 2021

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Book review | My thoughts—Reno Gabrini ❧ Sophie’s Choice

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Mallory Monroe

This story by Mallory Monroe is a change of pace for the author. Sophia Gabrini, the only daughter of Reno and Trinia Gabrini, is now eighteen and coming into her own. The night she decides to sneak with her friend Dana doesn’t end well for her; first, she is attacked, and next, she is arrested. Giovanni ‘Von’ Dorsey is given an assignment by his father, Mustafa Dorsey. Seduce Reno Gabrini’s daughter and get her to divulge her father’s secrets, then kill her. While Sophia thinks that she has met the perfect man, it is all a set-up or his it. Things begin happening that Reno becomes suspicious; so far, nothing is coming back to Von. So he will stay out of Sophia’s budding relationship for now.

This story still has all the elements of a good Gabrini series, including Mick the Tick, Big Daddy Charles, Sal Luca, and Dapper Tom cameos. Reno will learn he has an enemy he didn’t know he had until his action caused the snake to rear its ugly head. Putting not only Sophia but Jimmy Mac and Carmine in its’ crosshairs. Sophia will learn all about her not-so-Prince Charming. Giovanni soon learned there was no loyalty in his family, especially after learning the real reason his brother died. While I enjoyed reading this story; however, I felt that Sophia was not emotionally mature to be in a relationship with Von.

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