May 13, 2021

Breaking the Epigraph

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Book review | My thoughts—Office Secrets

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Tamara Black

Camilla “Cami” Graham was running a successful popular online music site. That is until she started having server issues and her head of IT was unable to stop the hacking. It was starting to affect her business. Cameron “Cam” Slavinsky arrived just in time to save the day, or so it would seem. But the truth is he is the hacker behind the attacks on Cami’s website. Cam hacked the wrong man’s servers and found himself between going to jail or doing the man’s bidding. But it is not just Cam on the line; he is the only one that his sister has.

A lot is going on in this story, not to make it believable. I had a hard time navigating it. Cami had other issues, too, besides someone trying to destroy her company. The author doesn’t mention firewalls or any security protocol that online companies use for businesses. Cami was also bipolar and fail to have her prescription refilled, which lead her to a trip to the psych ward for downing Valuimn and wine while pregnant (she didn’t know). Cami failed to run a background check on Cam, which is highly irregular, and hired him on the spot. They tried to keep their involvement a secret in the office, but everyone knew. It is not a story that I would recommend for reading.

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