May 13, 2021

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Book review | My thoughts—Obsession

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L. Loren

Book two of the Predators MC by L. Loren is a polyamorous story between Matrix/Meydad, Obsession/Sharon, and Baby/Timmy. Obsession is a free-loving woman who has had a difficult upbringing. She uses sex as a weapon. Matrix has had his eye on her for some time now and will make his move; however, Baby has other plans. These two best friends are vying for the attention of the same one, but one wants her for the long haul and the other only one night, or so he thinks. Obsession is still in her feelings about Mouse and Bear and what she perceived to be a relationship between them even though Mouse told her differently.

Watching Matrix and Baby compete over Sharon was hilarious, especially when Baby pulled the catnip prank. We will also learn more about Sharon’s background. Another MC is making it move into Predator territory, but this MC is bad news. They are into human trafficking. Young girls and women start to go missing. Then it hits close to home when one of the young girls, who also turns out to be Sharon’s daughter, is taken. It is a race against the clock to get her back.

This could have been a good story. Here is what I found that I did not like about this book. Sharon told Mouse in The Taming of LaRue that Bear took her virginity in the cabin. She saw Bear and Mouse in when Bear was raping Mouse. In this story, Sharon stated that her father kicked her out after finding her having sex with Josh, who she had given her v-card to. Then she was raped at the age of thirteen by a sixteen-year-old, Kevin. Who her father had set her up on a date.

This resulted in a pregnancy in which she had to give her baby up to her cousin Jewel. How many times can a girl lose her virginity? Plus, she was still mad at Mouse for “stealing” her man Bear. She blamed Mouse for Bear’s actions. Obsession was a good name for Sharon, as she was obsessed with Mouse. I wouldn’t say I liked this character from the first book, and I did not like her in this one.


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