May 13, 2021

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Book review | My thoughts—His Sister’s Best Friend

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Shyla Colt

Solomon ‘Sol’ Todd is enjoying a nice getaway with his current girlfriend Camila when he receives a call from his sister Susie. He hasn’t done well with relationships in the past and hopes that this one will be his one. That is until he gets a phone call from his sister.  Much to his horror, Camila didn’t let him know that his sister had called once before. This time it turns out to be serious, like life and death serious. Now Susie’s life will be uprooted, and she is not going to like it. At the suggestion of Dr. Richmond, Sol enrolls her into a program at Expanding Hope. Which teaches life skills and helps with independence, something the doctor believes that Susie can benefit from. Ezra Gordon, the head of Expanding Hope, built the organization on a dream of helping people like her brother Miles, who was born with Down syndrome.

The past will meet the present on Invite a Friend Day. Sol and Ezra used to attend high school together and attend a support group. Things start to bud between Sol and Ezra, but Ezra is the only one who notices the budding relationship between Miles and Susie. Things do not go so well when Sol comes home and catches Miles and Susie making out. Sol’s actions not only put him in the dog house with Susie but Ezra too. It was a nice quick story by Shyla Colt.

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