June 16, 2021

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Book review | My thoughts—Falling Out

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Book two in the Falling In series by Andrea Hopkins is about people finding each other when they need it the most. Cole Adams is sulking and drowning his sorrow in whiskey and sex. The woman he has loved for most of his life has left him for another man, and he is not taking it well. One day he accidentally bumps into Angeleigh; they both feel the attraction from one touch. Angeleigh hasn’t had an easy childhood. She lost her family at the age of six. Her hell began in the foster care system at the foster home she was placed; her only saving grace was Sam. Sam and his twin brother Silas were the other two children in the house of horrors. Angeleigh was violated for sixteen Saturdays by her foster father until the night he murdered Sam.

Angeleigh thought her hell was over until Silas walked back into her life. He seemingly took up where their foster father left off. He becomes dominant, controlling, and sexually abusive. Cole and Angeleigh’s relationship evolves at hyperspeed after he rescues her from Silas. I enjoyed reading this story and am glad that both Cole and Angeleigh received a happy ending.

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