June 16, 2021

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Book review | My thoughts—Don’t Let Him Go

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Book one of the I Want Morrison series by Kay Harris. Candance Gleason has obtained her dream job at Morrison and Sons. Babysitting Jack Morrison wasn’t the assignment she signed up for. Things are off to a rocky start when the press conference blindsides Candance during their second meeting. Jack Morrison began the rebellious son somewhere in his college years. He disappeared for a few years, and when he turns back up. He a rich boy turned activist taking on developers, including his family. Things change when Candance has to fly to New York to get Jack out of jail. Candance and Jack become closer, so close that she is afraid it may jeopardize her job. Not to mention the fact Jack’s younger brother Hayden is also interested.

Candance is starting to have conflicting emotions about her job and her position at Morrison and Sons. She is “babysitting” Jack Morrison to keep him out of trouble and work on a project that he is against. Conflict of interest. Not to mention she hasn’t told her boss that she and Jack are now in a relationship. Things are going great until little brother drops a bomb and Jack is in the wind. This brings us to the beginning of the story.

It’s an enjoyable read and my first story by this author.  While Jack shows strength when he is fighting for what he believes in; however, he seems to run away when things in his personal life become too hard.


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