May 13, 2021

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Book review | My thoughts—Cruel King

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Kaye Blue

Book three of the Ruthless Bratva Brotherhood series by Kaye Blue is Riker and Shay’s story. Oh, come on, if you read the first two books, you could clearly see something developing there. Shay and Riker have always had a bit of a contentious relationship. She handles the books for the Brotherhood, and he doesn’t believe she belongs there. With both Sasha and Ghost in relationships, something Riker, from his experience, doesn’t believe he needs or will ever have, even though he wants Shay. Shay’s past hasn’t been an easy one. We learn how she received the scars that she subconsciously rubs and believes everyone sees.

I enjoyed reading their story; however, I did have an issue with the author changing Erin’s names to Angel in this book. It had me wondering if something had happened to Erin and Sasha married another woman. I am glad Shay could break away from her father because it is obvious he only cared about himself and his wants. Seriously, if that was his kind of love, she could have done without it.

I look forward to the fourth book in this series Conquered King.

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