May 13, 2021

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Book review | My thoughts—Bound Through Time ❧ Present

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Twyla Turner

Book two of A Viking Brothers novel by Twyla Turner is a time travel romance. Jerrick Rolf’s son and his brothers were in battle when he fell by poison ax. Thinking their brother is dead, Thorin and Dag give him a Viking send-off, but none could have predicted what happens. Jett has always lived in the shadow of her twin sister Nic. Nic is the small petite, and beautiful one, according to their mother and everyone else. While Jett is seemingly the ugly duckling. The final straw came when Jett finds her sister in bed with her husband. Jett decides that she has to leave and moves from New York to Portland, Maine. One day out for a walk. Jett sees an overturned longboat and is surprised by what she finds inside.

Somehow Jett finds herself responsible for the care of the stranger. Jerrick is a quick learner of bringing himself up to speed from the eleventh to the twenty-first century. He is very straightforward in letting Jett know that he wants to give her pleasure. Meanwhile, Nic and Shawn are plotting since Nic was given three months to find a job and start paying her own way. Nic could have been as successful as Jett had she applied herself. The supporting characters Viv and Dez were hilarious.

I really enjoyed this story and am now wondering will Dag get one too. It will be an adventure like no other for him. If you like time-travel stories, this series is a good one to read.

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