April 15, 2021

Breaking the Epigraph

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Book review | My thought—Something Tangible

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Aliyah Burke

Brett Kingston is chasing the set for CEO of his father’s empire. His father, Jules, is a right old bastard of a man who pits Brett against his older half-brother Asa. However, in this last contest of wills, Brett might have just met his breaking point. The beautiful woman with no name has Brett fantasizing about when he should be working. He knows that if he can get her to sell, the others holding out will follow. They strike a deal, he helps her restore the cabin, and she will give him 24 hours to convince her why she should sign. Brett takes a possessive stance when it comes to LJ. He lets it be known in no certain terms that he wants her. Their night together is explosive, so explosive that they both overslept.

LJ gives Brett something to think about when it comes to his family dynamic. If Asa is truly the golden child, why does he also have to work as hard as Brett. I enjoyed reading this story, although it was a bit slow for me in the beginning.

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