June 16, 2021

Breaking the Epigraph

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Book review | My thoughts—This Love Hurts

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If you are looking for a slow burn story, this story is for you. Author W. Winters knows how to keep you hooked as you move from story to story. We continue where we left off two years in the past and the entanglement between Cody and Delilah. There is another player in this game and making his move. Apparently, there is an unspoken agreement between Cody and Marcus concerning Delilah, which only Marcus knows. Delilah will come face to face with Marcus twice. Once unknowingly and again knowingly with a kiss. Marcus is the serial killer that brought Delilah and Cody together in the beginning. Delilah will find herself attracted to both men. Delilah had better be careful she is starting to unravel. Delilah also becomes suspicious of Cody while asking him to keep quiet about Marcus and the information he left for her.

It is looking like all roads will lead back to Delilah. I believe there is a connection between Cody and Marcus. I think I know; however, I will keep that tidbit to myself. Man, I am so ready to find out what  Marcus is to Cody. Their story continues in But I Need You

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