April 16, 2021

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Book review | My thoughts—The Grunt 1

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Latrivia Nelson

Book three of The Lonely Hearts series by Latrivia Nelson is a single father military romance. Staff Sergeant Brett Black’s home life is rocky. His wife Amy is not happy having a Grunt for a husband. She wants the life of an officer’s wife. So life at home is hell. After one last agreement, Brett wakes to his son, letting him know that mommy is gone. A series of events will happen, one right after the other taking Brett from abandoned husband to widower all in one day.

The same day he meets Courtney Redbrook, and Brett finds himself attracted to her. He won’t act on those feels though. He has other things to deal with, like becoming a single father. Learning that Courtney was recently laid off from her job at the library, Brett offers her a job as his live-in nanny. Well, you know it is only a matter of time before they pick-up where they left off from the night they met again. Amy’s secret life is the gift that keeps on giving. The latest secret will send Brett reeling. Will Courtney and Brett survive their lack of communication and family (her father/brother) when they find out who she is working for?

This was one of the first books I read by the author and is one of my favorites. Courtney and Brett’s story continues in The Grunt 2.

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