April 16, 2021

Breaking the Epigraph

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Latrivia Nelson Welch

Book five of The Lonely Hearts series by Latrivia Nelson is a royal prince finding love across the pond. Prince Michael broke off his engagement after learning the truth from his then-fiancee mouth. She did not love him; she loves the idea of possibly becoming a future queen. After a night he can’t remember, Michael, wakes up in a shabby little apartment and is escorted to face the music, so to speak. Michael is then shipped off to the small town of Hernando, Mississippi.  Hope Daniels, an artist, realizing that she has lost track of time but hasn’t spoken to her boyfriend, Sean, in a while. She has lost her inspiration to continue to paint; she decides to pay Sean a late-night visit. In her attempt to surprise Sean, she is surprised?

Sean has another woman with him. During the confrontation, Sean lets Hope know that he can’t handle the pressure of being in an interracial relationship. Hope runs out and attempts to drive home in the torrential downpour. Become involved in an accident that leaves her temporarily blind. Enters Michael. Michael is very taken with his landlord’s neighbor when he delivers her mail to her. Things start to get serious after the confrontation with Sean, and Hope falls while trying to get out of the tub. However, a relentless reporter, two scorned ex, and the monarchy will try their best to break them apart.

This was another nice read; however, I was looking for the second part of the book. It doesn’t appear to be available.


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