April 16, 2021

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Book review | My thoughts—Finding Opa!

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Latrivia Nelson Welch

Book two of The Lonely Hearts series by Latrivia (Nelson) Welch is about two people finding love again after losing their respective spouses. Bestselling romance author Stacey Byrant is living her life quietly, having left everything that would remind her of her husband Drew and the life they share. But it seems that the magic is gone from her writing. One night while sitting in her favorite space, a man disturbs her peace by asking to buy her a drink. She tries to decline politely and even offers to buy him a drink to leave. Their next meeting is very awkward, especially when she finds out he is her OGBYN. Somehow he convinces her to give them a chance and strike a deal to spend the next two months and six days together.

The opposition will come strongly from his family as he has had to deal with it before with his first wife. However, there is more than just Hunter and Stacey in the picture now. Hunter will have to face his fears as well as he had had Stacey face hers. Although wanting to take it slow, their relationship takes off at warp speed that suddenly has Stacey overwhelmed and dizzied at the same time.

I had decided to circle back and read the author’s earlier stories. This was a nice story to read; however, Hunter’s desire to have Stacey face her past but not willing to face his own was a turn-off, and him getting upset with his sister Hanna for doing something that he should have done in the first place.

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