April 16, 2021

Breaking the Epigraph

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Book one of the Alpha Second Chances series by Rowena is a billionaire romance. Nina and Brent have been on and off again friends for years. They first met in elementary when Nina put herself between Brent and some bullies. Then again, in college, however, this is where things really changed in the dynamics of their relationship. Brent disappeared from her life once again without a see you later, and thanks for the memories text or smoke signal. Five-years later, they meet again by pure happenstance. Nina has a secret, and she is not willing to tell it; however, Brent discovers Nina’s secret and is upset with her when the blame is solely laid at his feet.

This is not a romance story; it is more like a boy’s rushed affair meets a girl; they are best friends and have a wham-bam didn’t thank you for giving me your virginity and letting you know immediately afterward that it should not have happened. What a slap in the face, and she laid there like a big dummy and took it. The story was rushed, not fleshed out, nor was it well put together. There was nothing alpha about the lead male character who discarded his “best friend” after having sex with her without protection like it meant nothing to him. I will not be reading book two as I can only imagine more of the same.


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