February 27, 2021

Book review | My thoughts—Tough Cookie

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Shyla Colt

Book one of the New Year New Me series by Shyla Colt. Matilda Lawson found herself in the spotlight at no fault of her own. Now dubbed the Cookie Woman by her ex-husband’s fiancee Brittney. Matilda has enlisted the Cookie King Anders Rivera’s services. To teach her how to make cookies for her daughter’s school cookie sale. Anders has decided to go of his passion for baking and is leaving the family business. He never expects the New Year’s Cookie Woman to contact him about his services. When Anders sees her again for the first time since high school, he is instantly attracted. Matilda doesn’t want any part of the online presence, especially after living it with her ex-husband Jackson. But it is a part of the contract that she signed with Andres.

It was a nice read; however, Brittney’s character was a bit obvious to me. From the seduction to stealing of Matilda’s husband, to causing embarrassment to Matilda and the situation which caused a rift between Matilda and Andres.

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