February 27, 2021

Book review | My thoughts—The Sheikh’s Pregnant Cinderella

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Shay Violet

A Royal Interracial Christmas Romance by Shay Violet is an unexpected pregnancy story. Cindy is a student who works as a maid for Amir Rajenda. She and her co-worker decide to crash a masquerade ball. They borrow dresses from his PR consultant, Katherine, who, by the way, has the hots for Amir. Sometime during the masquerade ball, Amir runs into Cindy. They both feel the energy brewing between them, and one thing leads to semi-public sex. Amir cannot seem to get the mysterious woman out of his mind. He avoids advances from Katherine, who wants more than their one night together—which he regrets.

Amir is determined to find his mystery lover and hopes she will show up at another party. She does, and they have another night that he won’t soon forget. The next morning, Cindy has to make a quick exit before Amir (her employer) discovers her true identity. Katherine somehow finds that Cindy borrowed a dress she threw out. To get rid of her competition, Katherine fires Cindy and calls the police to make sure she is gone.

This was an okay story, and here is why I say this. There is not visible timeline between the balls. Also, how did he not know that his condom was defective or broken after they had sex at either time? Why was Katherine living in his house? Especially if they were not in a relationship. How did she know to go looking through Cindy’s things? A lot was missing from this story to make it plausible. Amir did not seem to be the alpha male that most sheiks are known to be. Katherine got away with too much, and if he truly did not want her advances, she should have been out of his house at least.

I have read Aurora’s book, but it looks like there will not be a book for Bella.

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