April 16, 2021

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Book review | My thoughts—Southern Hearts

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Ava Thorn

Book one of the Southern Love series by Ava Thorn is a heart wants what the heart wants story. Country singer Austin McBride tasted the delicious food served at the wedding reception. He wanted to hire the chef for his own wedding reception. Farrah was greatly for the business she obtained from the wedding she had just catered. Now Austin McBride wants her to not only cater his wedding reception and a dinner party.

When these two are together, they feel an attraction that will not be denied. One stormy night, that attraction will boil over and bring about a storm that neither were prepared to ride. It seems like Austin maybe switching brides, not if his current fiancee’s mother has anything to do with it. A fake pregnancy, a real (kept in secret) pregnancy, secrets, and attempted murder are in the aftermath when the story breaks about Austin and Farrah.

It was a good story, even though I’m not too fond of cheating in romance stories. Cheating takes away the romance element for me.

“I’ll only marry someone who makes me feel whole, someone who would have the power to heal my heart and spirit. He would be the missing piece of the puzzle I’ve been searching my whole life for. Any other man would only be a companion; I don’t want to settle anymore.”
Farrah Rue, Southern Hearts (Ava Thorn,2014 )

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