February 27, 2021

Book review | My thoughts—Reclaiming His Queen

1 min read
Sage Young

A second chance romance by Sage Young. Alexander Toscani is a prince, no, really. He learned early on that he had to be careful with his heart. When Charlotte Preston tried to introduce herself to him in class, he was rather rude. Soon this had Alex pursuing her, and he convinces her to give him a chance. There are things that he needs to tell Charlotte, but he never gets the chance. Instead, he breaks her heart. A few years have passed, and Alex has his chance to win back the woman he loves and make her his Queen. What is a little subterfuge regarding winning back the woman you love?

I enjoyed reading this book, although I think she should have made him sweat a bit more. The 180 of Alex’s parents was surprising, and there is no drama in this story. My opinion, of course.

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