May 13, 2021

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Ava Thorn

Book two of the Second Chances series by Ava Thorn is the second chance at love romance story of Noah Davenport. We first meet Noah in his brother Lucas’s story A Chance at Love. Noah Davenport made a grave mistake a year and a half ago. Now he is hell bent on correcting that mistake. The woman that he is still in love with had his baby. Kristen Daniels did not have an easy upbringing after the passing of her father. Her mother completely checked out.

Kristen has secrets and really hasn’t dealt with her past. Between Kristen holding on to the bitterness of her past, Noah’s ex-wife wanting him back and his mother wanting him back with his ex-wife. Not to mention, the miscommunication between this husband and wife. Will love conquer all? I really enjoyed this story, despite the grammatical error and the character mix-ups. It would have been nice to see how Sawyer/Kendall’s and Captain/Mikala’s relationship played out. Did Kendall ever forgive Sawyer and did Captain and Mikala solve what they were going through.

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