April 16, 2021

Breaking the Epigraph

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Book review | My thoughts—No Love for the Wicked

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Tiana Laveen

I love a good opposites attract book, and author Tiana Laveen did not disappoint this story. Angelo Ferrari is the man who goes bump in the night. You won’t see or hear him coming. When his nonna calls him to take her somewhere, he is there for her. He is very protective of those he loves. Andrea Ellison is a special kind of woman and one that Angelo loves ribbing when he comes to her home with this nonna. Angelo does not believe in the supernatural until Andrea says something to him; only he and one other could know. And his father is dead, and even then, he is still a skeptic. The passion between them is undeniable. But someone is out to harm Andrea; Angelo would like to know who it is to take care of it himself. They will weather the storms that come their way together. This dark angel wasn’t ready for his black magic woman.

I found myself enjoying this story set in the late 70s and enjoying the song of that time drifting through my mind from the author’s catalog of music entwined throughout the story. In my mind’s eye, I could catch a glimpse of Andrea and Angelo while reading this story from the author’s description of the characters and the setting.

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