April 16, 2021

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Book review | My thoughts—Laidover in Dubai

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Mariah Violet

Book one of the Teach Me, Love Me series is an interracial romance by Mariah Violet. When Lari and Mohammed’s interaction began, I was like, okay, she about to get abducted and become is sex salve or something. That is not at all how it turned out. Mohammed saw what he wanted and went after it. Lari was totally having her YOLO moment, which turned into something more. Lari agreed to spend her 15-hour layover with him. Somehow Mohammad convinced her each time she mentioned catching her flight to Amsterdam; he would convince her to stay with him some more days. The next thing Lari knew, she met his family, and he was meeting hers. At several points in this story, I was like, alright, get it, girl, do your thang.

This is a good story to read; I would recommend it; however, I would not recommend that a person throw caution to the wind as Lari did. Sometimes happy ending from this type of adventure only works in books and movies.

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