February 27, 2021

Book review | My thoughts—Kayla’s List

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Kasey Martin

Everyone should make a list of things they want to do in life that puts them outside their comfort zone. Kayla Jones made such a list after a breakup. The author Kasey Martin provides the full list at the end of the book. Some of the list items are provided when Kayla crosses them off. Kayla is happy her boyfriend of one year will pop the question, and she will finally have the family that she has always wanted. An unexpected revelation during the almost proposal.

Anderson McNair wants to make sure his company succeeds. He and his partner Brady have been working hard. Brady knowing that Anderson is near burnout, informs him it’s time to party. He has been working too hard. They meet up with friends, and Anderson’s eyes catch Kayla. Anderson believes they had a melding of the minds until Kayla wakes up the next morning and doesn’t remember anything.

Anderson is determined to date Kayla and get to know her well. It just so happens they have a mutual acquaintance. They meet again at TechCon, and when Anderson finds out about Kayla’s list, he is determined to help her fill it, especially number 31. Things go well for this blossoming couple until someone decides that she wants Anderson for herself, and Warren Kayla’s former won’t leave her alone.

This was a nice story, but it was missing elements to grab and keep my attention. Kayla had a balance when it came to her friends. Seriously, something is up with Emani and Brady. Shelby kept her options open. I would have expected more than what we got in this story. If the McNair Ball was a huge event, why weren’t Anderson’s parents there? Anderson and Brady should have spoken with Bethany, and Anderson should have called her on her lack of professionalism when he first started to notice her change in attitude.


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