February 27, 2021

Book review | My thoughts—Her Marine Next Door

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Aliyah Burke

Skylar Radford has a crush on her Marine Recon Parker Jax since he moved into the house next door. Parker Jax is currently on medical leave after his last mission. He plans to have Skylar Radford. There is a wrench thrown into his plans by the name of Gemma. Gemma was a one night stand who shows up three years later with a child in tow. Suprise Parker Jax, you are a father. Well, Parker is having none of it and decides to pull a fake fiancee. He enlists Skylar in his plans. Well, you know this is not going to end well. Especially since Cullen reminds Skylar so much of the child, she lost.

I liked this story by Aliyah Burke, but Parker’s mother got on my nerves. Was she so desperate to have a grandchild that she overlooked the red flags regarding this mother, Gemma, and damn what her son Parker wanted or said? I mean, the woman was never there; Cullen was either with Skylar, Parker, or her and her husband. And Parker, ugh, don’t even get me started on him.

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