May 13, 2021

Breaking the Epigraph

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Book review | My thoughts—Forsaking All Others

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Emery C. F. Bryant

An interracial romantic suspense by Emery C.F. Bryant. Julianna Winton had no idea that the man she married was cold and indifferent. Being married to Devon Winton had fulfilled a dream of having what her sister has until it turned into a nightmare that she can’t wake up from. Devon Winton puts on a perfect facade around his family and others, but it is starting to crack around his wife. They have been married for two years and still, no children, and his interest in her is fading. Julianna wanted to save her marriage and suggest they go to counseling, well that did not go well. One night changes it all, and she now knows she has to leave. She files for divorce, but Devon will not let go.

While Juliana and her sister celebrate her upcoming freedom, she meets Evan Karlessen. Evan cannot get her out of his mind once he sees her again. The two strike up a friendship and start to date, but evil and danger are lurking. While Evan feels that Devon is dangerous, he is not sure how dangerous he really is, but they are all about to find out. How could Devon find out information on Evan and his brother Hudson quickly? Especially with the types of connections they had. Adele should have played it cool and kept her mouth shut, and got the hell out of there. I didn’t feel sorry for Michelle; she should have kept her mouth shut too.

I really enjoyed reading this story and would have said it was well written if not for missing words and syntax errors.

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