February 27, 2021

Book review | My thoughts—An Alpha’s Heart ❧ A Lot of Lonely

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Mariah Violet

Ione Loane did not know that her life was in danger. She is all about peace and positivity. Returning home from spending time with her best friend Rosland, she finds her dog dead. After contacting her father, he gets someone from the church to have some security added to her house. Lot Alvarez, the owner of AMB Systems Inc., has to take the call when his technician Gary has an emergency. Lot is instantly attracted to Ione. Who would have come to Ione’s house and poisoned her dog? With the initial system in place, Ione returns to her life as she knows it until another incident.

Lot is going to protect his woman. Especially the woman he sees forever with. He upgrades her security system, checks her house and yard for devices. He gives Andre a show. A good read by Mariah Violet, but where I am confused at. Why didn’t he check her home and business computers to make sure there wasn’t spyware? Even after finding out about the character of Ione’s stalker. He nor the hacker he brought in checked her computers for spyware. After the incident with Ione and Lot, where was Rosland?


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