April 16, 2021

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Mariah Violet

Book two of the Teach Me, Love Me series by Mariah Violet is an interracial romance of Lari’s sister teacher Shannon/Shan Evans. Mohammad’s cousin Abdulla/Abood had met Shan during Mohammad’s trips to visit Lari. He wanted to get to know her better, but she held him off. Until she came back from stateside after a break from seeing her mother. Abdulla was determined that he was going to make Shan his. They started going places together. Abdulla wanted to know why Shan is hesitant to get married again. She finally told him the sorted tale of her first marriage. He gave her his perspective on things and gave her something to think about.

Okay, let talk about this story’s protagonist; somebody should have beaten her ass and buried her. Carmen wanted to be relevant. She could not stop spreading her feelings of shame. She gave the phrase Hurt people, hurt people a whole new meaning. To wait ten years, to try and humiliate Shan. I had to shake my head at this part. And she still didn’t get want she wanted, but she got what she deserved. I always say she is overdue for someone tapping that ass and a good throat punch.

Overall, it was a good story with some minor grammar errors. The ending felt rushed and abruptly ended. I love books with Old Lady Gangs.

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