April 16, 2021

Breaking the Epigraph

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Hannah Cole

Love knows no color or age, for that matter. In this story, Josie is an older woman who has worked hard for the promotion she believes she deserves; however, she is thrown for a loop. She just learned that a new and younger male joining Live has the new VP of the digital department. It’s time for some drinks and to rally the girls. It’s five o’clock somewhere. While Josie and her friends Kira and Abbey are having a good time, Man bun arrives on the sense. He is immediately blocked by another man, who notices what is happening and believes he needs to rescue Josie from Man Bun, especially after the bartender drops from knowledge.

The night becomes interesting and heated, just when you believe something will happen. Josie gets the shock of her life. She was about to do the horizontal mambo with none other than Nick Marks, her soon to be boss! She exits out of there faster than a New York minute. The attraction between them is undeniable. It is far from over between these two. Nick wants to finish what they not only started at the club; he wants more.

Nick has a secret, and it is a big one. My first time reading a story by author Hannah Cole. I really enjoyed this story and would have liked it better if the author would have been consistent regarding Nick’s age.


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