May 13, 2021

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Book review | My thoughts—Dirty Boss Games

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Sedona Venez

Excuse the title confusion; when I read the book, the title was Dirty Boss Games. However, when I went to grab the image for my post, the cover had been updated, and the title had changed to Mr. Billionaire CEO. Jayla West would never have believed that her boss Porter Holland would be the slightest interested in her. She had seen the women with who he had entanglements, and it definitely wasn’t his personal assistant, Dave Harrison, as much as Dave wanted it to be true.

Jayla would be even more surprised by the turn of events that would lead her no longer having to fantasize. But living out those fantasies in true unadulterated realness. In this new relationship with Porter, Jayla finds herself doing things she would never have done before. Despite the trouble Jayla thinks will come her way from Dave, Marcy presents itself in a different form. An interesting story by author Sedona Venez; however, the story was unfinished for me. It ends rather abruptly.

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