March 1, 2021

Book review | My thoughts—Knights of Hellfire MC ❧ VICE

1 min read

An interracial romance by Azalea Dunn is a second chance romance. Jodi Cunningham-Reed is torn from the love of her life Oswald ‘Oz’ Black. Several years later, Jodi finds herself back in Oz’s life, and their one-night stand will change their lives forever. Jodi’s stepfather Justice Reed tried to overthrow the KOH president, which cause a division and exile of Jodi and her family from Cypress City to Riverview. Now that Jodi and Oz have reunited, they can’t stay away from each other, which could mean death for them both. Justice nor Jodi saw the betrayal coming from Justice’s VP Van. It seems Van to kill Jodi if she is not willing to leave and be with him.

An enjoyable first read by this author, although this book left me with some questions. Van is dead, but did he kill Gator’s father?

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