June 16, 2021

Breaking the Epigraph

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Book review | My thoughts—The Ex-Files • Explosive

2 min read

A BWWM second chance romance full of suspense, secrets, revenge, and murder by Lisa Ryan Campbell will leave you trying to figure out who is pulling strings and how it all fits together, and you won’t believe how the puzzle pieces fit. Carrie Wallace was trying to get to her ex-husband Brian Kessler. She is running for her life. When Brian receives a call about Carrie, he is shocked that she had been in an accident, and two, it is near where he currently lives in Gypsy Bay. Carrie doesn’t remember anything or anyone after waking up from being in a coma for two weeks. And the psychiatrist her family brought in to help her, he seems familiar, but she can tell he doesn’t want to be here helping her. Carrie will start to get memory flashbacks. Both her mother and Brian are withholding information about her life. One day Fiona Richards shows up on Carrie’s doorstep to hand her what she left with her on that fateful night. Things start to fall into place after Fiona shows up; however, Carrie will never get the answers she needs from her. Fiona is murdered, and Carrie becomes the prime suspect when she is found at the crime scene. More memories and a possible reconnection between Carrie and Brian. Deputy Lowell triggers more memories for Carrie, and she runs to Brian’s house; another person there triggers even more memories. Carrie leaves Brian and goes back to the scene where it all started from now that she has more pieces to the puzzle. It’s not over the real culprits who started this chain of events follow her, and Brian and Sergent Harris are on a race to get there before they do.

I enjoyed reading this book and will continue the series of The Ex Files and would recommend this book to anyone who likes suspense novels with a bit of romance.

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