June 16, 2021

Breaking the Epigraph

Books are my passion

Book review | My thoughts—The Ex-Files • Explicit

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When Colleen Strayer slept with Will Evans, CEO of Lomax Industries, she knew who he was her boss; he didn’t know those details until he walked into a meeting one day. The tension has been high between them, and they are also neighbors on top of them working together. One night Collen comes home and finds police outside of Will’s house. Someone has murdered him! Later that night, a persistent knocking on her back door and Colleen finds herself face to face with a dead man. Will asks Colleen to help him and give him until Monday to clear this up at the board meeting he called. Will and Colleen never really got over their one night together; oh, Will has been seen with other women. Colleen had the voyeuristic pleasure of one encounter. An enjoyable quick read by author Lisa Ryan Campbell.

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