June 16, 2021

Breaking the Epigraph

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A BWWM second chance romance by Lisa Ryan Campbell is a who done it. Sophie Arnold was close to winning a murder conviction until the defendant on trial threw her, the judge, and the case for a loop with a reveal that the judge would have no other choice but to declare a mistrial. Sophie knew she would have won that case now three people are dead, the defendant Vanessa Johnson, her husband Carl Johnson, and Sophie’s husband, Jason Arnold. Angela James, Sophie’s twin sister, is working on a story that will set the SFPD on fire; however, what she learns leads to her death. In under suspicion for the murder of his partner Jason Arnold, Ethan Markham, and now it looks like he may take the fall for Angela James’ murder. Ethan has a history with the James sisters, nicknamed them Betty and Veronica from the Archie comics they liked. However, Ethan is in love with Sophie, and when he sees her again, she is married to his partner James Arnold. Even I couldn’t guess who the killer was, and it will shock both Sophie and Ethan to learn who this person is. I enjoyed this cat and mouse suspenseful story, although some parts did drag a little.

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