June 16, 2021

Breaking the Epigraph

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Book review | My thoughts—The Campbell Brothers 4 • Tatum

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Book four of The Campbell Brothers series Taming the Professor finds Tatum on the beach contemplating his life; he doesn’t want to end up like his brothers as he doesn’t believe love is for him; however, the new professor, Sabrina Richardson, in his department is making Tatum feel things he doesn’t want to feel. Sabrina Richardson is on a mission to find Southside Cannibal, a serial killer who murdered her sister Bethany. She believes that she has found him in Antoni Nowak. She couldn’t be more wrong; not only has she found him, but he is also glad that she has followed him home to Scotland. Tatum has called Alek on the scalpel he found when Sabrina found Garfield, the dog. It’s a run again against the clock for Tatum, Alek, and Colin, Sabrina’s foster brother, to find Sabrina and takedown Darius Nowak. While I enjoyed reading this story, I found parts of Brodrick’s story’s duplicative in the way both of the villains were serial killers; they had an unnatural obsession with the heroines; they had planned to procreate with their obsession to breed a family to carry on their terror.

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