June 16, 2021

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Book review | My thoughts—The Campbell Brothers 3 • Liam

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Book three of The Campbell Brothers series One Night with the Wicked Chef!, sees Liam pursuing Irene James, his new sister-in-law Mel’s best friend. Liam is the youngest of the Campbell Brothers. He is also well known, and his celebrity status is one reason Irene is trying to stay as far away from him as she possibly can. There one night in Vegas wasn’t enough for Liam, and knows deep down it wasn’t enough for Irene either; otherwise, why would she have left Vegas without saying good-bye.

Once Liam shows up in New Orleans that is all she wrote, he has his girl; but, her past nemesis is about to ruin her life again. Sybil Anderson ruins lives to get what she wants and this time she threatens to ruin the life of Liam and his family. All Irene has to do is leave Liam. Irene never told Liam about her past and now it is staring at her from across the room. What Sybil believes to be Irene’s biggest weakness is actually Irene’s greatness strength. Irene also has to learn she cannot fight her battles alone. A good read and I enjoyed this book; however, one thing stood out to me Ansley’s mother’s name had changed from Paisley to Vanessa.

Next in The Campbell Brothers series—TatumTaming the Professor.

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