May 13, 2021

Breaking the Epigraph

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Book review | My thoughts—My Virgin Cowboy

1 min read

Author Sade Rena brings a likable cowboy who is attracted to a slightly older woman. Parker meets Renee while out with friends and things finish even before they start. Talk about embarrassing, he explains that he has never been here before, he’s a virgin. They meet again, as it turns out he’s her bestie’s brother-in-law. Parker wants another chance as well as an opportunity to get to know Renee. Renee has her doubts. She is a bit reluctant because of a past relationship and the eight year age difference may play a slight factor. Not to mention his high school sweetheart has moved back home. The story is a really slow burn and in some parts a little bit funny. I enjoyed the characters relationship build; however, there were some minor grammatical errors.

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