May 13, 2021

Breaking the Epigraph

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Book review | My thoughts—One and Only

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A free book from the newsletter of author KT Adler. Rue is looking for the one for her and will experience six interesting dates. One of the dates will be the most unexpected of all. Date 1 – may have worked out if it were not for the surprising seed of Chucky he brought along with him. That guy may be lone for a while. Date 2 – he is the very reason why I will not use a dating app. I would be so afraid of this happening to me. Date 3 – ugh, the worst kind of experience ever in relationships or dating ever…hard pass. Date 4 – now we are talking he held so much promise until, my frenemy, told him about the third pseudo nipple. The conversation went downhill from there. Date 5 – was the total package, until an unexpected guest shows up. Date 6 – her mysterious date is unexpected. It seems that saying is true sometimes what you’re looking for has been right in front of you the whole time. I enjoyed reading this story, I added Adele’s One and Only as background music.

Rated: 5 stars

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