April 16, 2021

Breaking the Epigraph

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My Musings: Golden Nuggets from Blue Saffire

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Some golden nuggets from one of my favorite authors – Blue Saffire

1. Cut off ALL distractions. (People and places included.)
2. Owe no man nothing but love. Let go, you don’t owe anyone anything. You show more love by letting go. (And love can be given from a distance.)
3. The word “No” is your friend. Use it!
4. Stick to your assignment. (Anything else is another distraction.)
5. Take care of you.
6. Do nothing for someone else that they won’t do for themselves.
7. Don’t get caught standing next to the fool. (People can’t tell the difference when looking at the two from afar. You begin to look like the fool as well.)
8. Silence is golden. Listen more than you speak. (You’ll learn who has your back. You will also learn things that will help you move forward.)
9. Watch those that claim to love you. (They have the knife at the ready and a straw at your lifeline. They will get you in trouble, suck the life out of you, and then like the old prophet in the Bible ask to be buried beside your bones to try to take or be next to whatever is left of your true anointing. 1 Kings 13: 18-32)
10. Remember your name. (Let no one change your vibration.) Nobody can do you like you can do you, but make sure it is you! No lying to yourself, it gets you nowhere.
11. If you are not feeling it, let it go. Don’t do it.
12. Forgive and move on. (You don’t have to rock with them, but don’t let the BS weigh you down.)
13. Hold them cards close. (They won’t see you coming; they won’t hear you either, but when the time is right they will feel you. Minimize the road blocks by living it out more than you talk it out.)
14. Stay thankful and grateful.
15. When uncertain, pause, go within and figure it out. (Do nothing out of a desperate place. Your spirit should be at peace.)
16. Listen to your dreams. They are talking for a reason. Enjoy your season.

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