April 16, 2021

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My Musings: Bathroom Etiquette

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This is my thoughts and vent. How can someone in this day and age go to the bathroom (work, public and at home) and not flush the toilet and/or wash their hand (for at the minimum of 20 seconds. The time is takes to recite the Alphabet song.). I have seen grown women run thier hands under water and not use soap, then flick thier finger to get rid of the excess water…Double Ewww!!!

Really people, even if the toilet is automated flush the dang toilet. I hate walking into stalls and someone did not take the time to get rid of thier fecal matter. Gross!!! Do you know how many germs and not to mention the fact that if you pick up food with your fingers with unwashed (if you don’t use soap to wash your hands after you use the bathroom, your hands are unwashed) hands, that is  a level of transference I don’t even want to think about and mental picture is forever stamped to my brain.

Rule of thumb: Wash hands with soap and water and follow-up with hand sanitizer.

**These are my thoughts and musings and of course my opinion on the matter.**


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