February 27, 2021

Book Review~How I See It: Avenge (Romanian Mob Chronicles #3) ~ Kaye Blue

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26811624Avenge in the third book in the Romanian mob chronicles by Kaye Blue. This book leaves me uncertain if this is the end of the Romanian Mob Chronicles, is this the last we will see of Vasile, Sorin, Anton and the women who have managed to capture their hearts. We first met Anton in Kept and again in Fall. Anton is the enforcer for Clan Constantin and the bastard son of Christoph Senior. Lily Holden, the new nurse for Christoph Senior, who plans to seek her revenge against Clan Constantin for leaving her beloved brother in a vegetative state. What she did not count on was Anton and the feelings that she develops for him.

Will Anton find love with Lily and become head of the Clan or will he have to kill the woman he has come to love because of the secrets she holds?

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